Sunday, March 5, 2023

Twinkle's 7th Birthday

  Since it was lockdown when this happen
Feb 2021
We only had invited Family and kaunting Friends 
Ung may vaccination card 😅  Char!

We held it in a private swimming pool in Makati

Rate is P5000 day swim
Good for 10pax
300 na for extra person
Included na 2 rooms both airconditioned
Kitchen utensils
1 hr Jacuzzi
1 slot parking

And of course need to present vaccination card.

Twinkle didnt know all of this
Alam nya lang aalis kame.
DIY Invitation

DIY Set up by yours truly and help with the cousin and pamangkins
Before the day palang
I was already organizing everything in my head
It was hassle cause of pandemic and all the requirements needed.
The Cake the Food and all the divisoria to go for all the party needs.

When she enter the room una agad nyang nakita is the pool
She wanted to swim immediately 
Muka kasing swimmer talaga.

Twinkle 7th Birthday

Couldn't be happier after she saw this. 
She was shocked and surprise.

Ordered food from Ninang Annaville
The Pakbet is to die for!!

Heres all the DIY party needs


DIY Donut Stand

DIY Biscuit Tower

All the DIY i made is napanuod ko lang
Tru Youtube 
You can learn a lot 

Dress From Shoppee for 890 pesos

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Tiring but worth it
And for you my love twinkle 

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Welcome back Blog!

 Its been years since pandemic hits the world and affected a lot of people

Pero here we are still going in life and fighting for the future

Lets do recap nalang 

March 2020 started my work from home set up

And thankfully until now is work from home pa den kami.

What i realized from this set up is i can do a lot of things at home and outside too while working! Which is superb i can be productive all day and not excerting a lot f time in travelling and preparing to go to work.

Wake up 5 mins before logging in to work. No need to take a shower and think of what to wear.

What really is the best part of this set up is i get all my time with twinkle.

When covid hits we all realized that life is so precious and it can be gone in just a cough away. We lose our loved ones, business closing and lots of people lost their jobs.

Thankfuly my company cared so much we had an ayuda for all of this happenings in the world. What could we ask for!


BGC was my new favorite get away
Fewer cars fewer people and i can roam around with bike.

When covid hits nauso ang biking
For safety of everybody na den
Public transportation was scary to ride

And syempre
Better prevent than Cure

Nagkaubusan ng mga gamot sa pharmacy

By Jan 2022
Covid became just like a flu
But still we need to take pre caution always.

Sino bang hindi natamaan ng positib swab test?
I mean we all got the covid now
We just didnt know it.
But thankfuly lang cause we didnt had in a sever case or worst scenario.
If your alive and reading this.

And of course will never forget the facemask and face shield icon.

Will be blogging more sooon 

Mt. Kulis Fresco agro Forestry and lihim na batis (side trip)

  When lockdown eases and activities restriction cool down people started to go out.

Some of the attraction also carefully open to the public na.

So come January 2021 we went to tanay for a day tour motorcycle ride.

We originally want to go to Treasure Mountain but as soon as we got there 
It was closed. 
Find an alternative with the same view of mountain as we want we ask the kuya tricycle drivers and they suggested that we went in and go straight to frecso agro where we can hike to Mt. Kulis.
So off we go!

Upon arrival we were ask for our Vaccination card 
And we were assist of what package we can do in the campsite.

We ended up getting the Hike to Mt Kulis only
And they said that there is a Breakfast Resto up in the mountain

The weather started to darken and looks like it will rain any seconds
But we able to arrive at the top in just 20mins.

Breakfast time Coffee and Silog 
With a view ❤️

The wind is so refreshing and relaxing
I wanted to stay for hours
But then it started to rain
So we need to go down before its gets muddy.

Yes! Naabutan kami
My shoes are wet so was my hair but we were all safe.

As we headed back, the road becames super muddy 
As in dumadulas lalo pag mabigat
So as an angkas lang
We had to walk so the motorcycle will not slip.
Good thing my mga tricycle along the road na
So we just rented it nalang.

Then off to Lihim na batis
20-30 mins away

Lihim na Batis
Entrance fee - 50pesos
And we rented a kubo good for 10pax
For 800 pesos
we enjoyed the cold water and masaya lang
Just to be out after days of lockdown.