Sunday, September 6, 2020

Cayabu Tanay Covid Free place


March 2020 ang huling gala namin since nag start ang covid-19 sa Pilipinas.
and from then on di na nakalabas ang batang makulit.

thankfully after months of staying safe.
we got to go out of manila for a day.
but still be alert and dont go out guys.
better be safe then going in and out of your home.

so after lifting GCQ in metro manila last Aug 18
and luckily sumakto sa rest day ko and sakto na pupunta sila tita 
sa Cayabu
perfect timing!

San Andres Cayabu Tanay has 0 Covid case.
they still do check points in and out of the area.

Arrived 0545AM.

So what can we do in Cayabu ?
NO signal NO wifi NO Kuryente
but we got Solar panels for ilaw and electricfans only.

yang cellphone mo pang picture and music lang! HAHAH

Kalamansi Picking

it was hot by that time.
so the fresh water from the mountain 
is super refreshing.

yes the water in the pool is from the mountains beside the pool.

from Pool to Ilog!
yes may Ilog den from the other side

Kaya naman Enjoy na enjoy ang twinkle sa 1day covid free gala nya.

Dont worry mababa lang yan mga tuhod ko.

may pa Falls den 
ang refreshing ng water!

after mag swimming ng 4hours
lakad lakad lang kahit walang mask napakasarap ng walang iniisip.

next na gagawin magpaka plantita ka!
sa gilid lang ng kalsada apakadaming tanim  na

Marami den nagbebenta don sa murang HALAGA
at pwede na ibenta pabalik manila.


kita naman sa mata nya na super nagenjoy sya
ayaw na umuwi
sabi nya can we stay here for 10days!
we can pero pag balik manila
baka wala na work si mommy HAHAHA

Desengano Vacation Home.

hopefully we can comeback soon in perfect timing again ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Cheesy Baked California Maki

Hello Blog world!
hows your Stay at Home iwas Covid life?
its been 3 months since Lockdown
Thankfully im working from Home  since day 1.

so walang Gala muna friends
kaya tuwing off. nagiging Chef tayo.

Share ko muna ung recent made with love recipe ko! HAHAHA

so nagsearch muna ako ng mga ingredients nya then nuod youtube,

CRAB stricks (10pcs) ,  1 pcs Ripe Mango, 1 Cucumber, Nori, Quickmelt and my fave Kewpie Mayo

Chop it in very little pieces

Mix lang
for the mayo and quickmelt tantyahin nyo lang ung panlasa nyo :)

For the rice
Any rice will do
3 cups of rice mix it with 2 tbsp of Sesame oil and 1 tbsp of vinegar.

Put in the oven for 5-10mins



Spread it with mayo lang and chops nori
ung isa wala nori kasi ayaw nila

ang sarap nya!

kinulang pa kame sa Nori haahaha.

TIP : wag masyado makapal ung lagay kasi nakakasuya den pag OA.

but ALL is was very delightful in the mouth! HAHA.
Try nyo na while staying home

Monday, March 23, 2020

Mt. Pulag Adventure 2020

2 years in the making
Yes! and finally natupad na ang isa sa pangarap ko.
never imagined i would really go here.
kasi wala ako maaya!
but finally huhu so thankful sa mga napilit ko 
they made me super happy talaga.

Walang matutulog sa pamilyang eto!

set our date last Feb 8-10, 2020

we had everything prepared
from jackets to shoes
emergency blanket
heatpads stickers
and pampainit\pampatulog ALAK

before you can actually go hiking to Mt. Pulag
you have to 1st attend the Orientation and 2nd get a medical certificate
 which is required for everyone.

if kulang pa kayo sa equipments
sa Baba lang ng DENR
andito na lahat ng need nyo for hiking

- Trail foods (e.g. Mixed nuts, Dried fruits, Jellies, Energy bars, Biscuits, Cup noodles, etc)
- Drinking Water (atleast 2 liters)
- Headlamp / Flashlight with extra Batteries
- Neck Cover/Arm Sleeves/Bonnet/Gloves/Poncho or Raincoat
- Jacket or Rainjacket/Warm Clothes
- Extra Clothes (Change of clothes, Undergarments)
- Toiletries and face towel (Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Wipes)
- Sun Protection (Cap, Bandana/Scarf, Sunblock, Shades, etc)
- Slippers / Sandals
- Personal Medication
- Powerbank, Cellphone, Camera
- Trash bag
- Extra Cash for Personal Expenses
- Kit storage bag, to leave any items not required for the hike, to be left in the Homestay
- Spirit of adventure
- Please bring yourself 😉

our trail was the most easy of all the trails to Mt Pulag
Ambangeg Trail – located in Kabayan, Benguet.
It's a 8km trek with a gradual incline to the summit, which would take around 4-5 hours.

2am Start of trail
energetic pa :D

it was dark, quiet, muddy, slippery and amazing.
the first hour super lamig ng hangin
but as we walk papalayo sa aming homestay
parang umiinit na den.

i think pinakamahirap na trail is from station 1 to Station 2
all you can see is the muddy way na lahat pataas!

reached station 2 @ 0444AM

pahinga for 30mins
then off to the Summit
kasi mas maganda daw ung Sunrise.

shot from my phone
kita ung star <3

reached the Summit before the Sunrise
ang GANDA jusko!!


Sun out  0619AM

6 degrees celcuis !
namamanhid ung mga kamay namin
while taking photos.
lahat gusto nakatago ung kamay.


after seeing the sunrise
Off we go to the Summit

Worth it every lakad
sa ganda ng view <3

even encounter a rainbow
di nga lang makulay 

you might want to quit on the way
kasi nakikita mo ung destination kung ilang bundok pa
 and masasabi mo nalang
but its NOT! mukha lang malayo
REST if you need to.
then walk forward again. ganun lang

the Challenge is?
Ung pabalik ganung lakad ulit!
yes kung pwede lang gumulong pababa
why not ?!
pero sabi nga nila
mas mabilis na ung pabalik ng di mo napapansin ung oras

YES! in less than 3 hours nakabalik kami sa homestay.
yes nagmotor na kame Pabalik AHAHHA.
P100 per ride.

view while riding back home.
umakyat pa summit may sea of clouds pala dito

- Follow/Apply the LNT Principles (Leave No Trace)
  • Take nothing but pictures
  • Leave nothing but footprints
  • Kill nothing but time
  • Keep nothing but memories
  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Respect wildlife
  • Be considerate of other visitors
- Every participant is REQUIRED to bring their own garbage bag. 
- There will no trash to be left in the area, from the smallest to the largest. 
- Don’t forget to waterproof your things (use Ziplocks, Dry bag or plastic bag). 
- Prepare and condition your body. 
- Always expect the UNEXPECTED!! 

it was heck of an experience
Achievement Unlocked!

Don't be afraid of things that will give you
amazing result after that hard work.
It will all be Worth it!