Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry merry Christmas everyone!

tapos na ang Christmas!
ang bilis talaga ng araw.

how did you celebrate Christmas?
Dec 25 is really a happy day 
for giving and sharing the blessing you received.
and to remember the birthday of papa Jesus.

noche buena time.
we went to SnR
to eat pizza and ice cream
sadly, the line was so long it would take our time lining up
so instead we buy ice cream nalang.

its our 3rd year anniversary also .. 
but because i was mad when hoshi ( hmm i forgot why we had a fight na ) hahah
so until now i wasn't able to greet him pa.

what i want to do
is before new year or the year ends
i want to forgot all the hurt thing happen to us.
and i would write her a letter about everything
just like last year :D

Christmas gift for our little star
we bought this in Divisoria for about P550 
and the balls 100 pcs for P300
twinkle was very happy she didnt want to go outside.
she keeps on shouting and saying " WOW ".


Thank you thank you po :D
bundok na ng teddy bears ang kama namin :D

Opening the gifts
they always look at the clock when it go to 12am!
because they are excited to open their gifts.

December 25, 2015
early in the morning we wemt to church and because hoshi has work
mommybaby moment muna

to match with #TeamGray!
i've been eyeing gray and white tee's this past shopping days and im loving it <3

#TeamGray #ForTheWin!
after work hoshi attended there company annual party!
and we were praying he will get a big prize in the raffle ( IPHONEPLSSS!)
but sad to say hahahha or funny to say what he got was a samsung E1080~ :D

at night we had our family Christmas party!

it was full of fun and games and MONEY!
thank you to my family #teamDeguerto

twinkle got a lot of ampao's too :D

always know the meaning of christmas day

it is all love that should be shared.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Family date ; Friday the 13th

Everything that happens became memories
and i want that memories 
always to remember 
but since the brain cannot process all of that

like in the movie " Inside Out"
that we keep on watching everyday sometimes 3x a day
and twinkle already sing the Bingbong song
( who's your friend who like to play ? BINGBONG BINGBONG )
there was a huge storage for the long term memory where all the memory was put
and some of that memories turn to black which means that it was forgotten

so with blogging all memories will be written that whenever i want to remember special days 
i will just read all my blogs.

so last Nov 13, Friday
Our family Bonding happened.
and so im writing this so in time i want to remember this one :)

We went to Ayala triangle lights and greenbelt.

First stop
Greenbelt 5

look how happy she was when he saw a lot of fish.

and Birds too

we had to hold her because she really go near the edge and wanted to hold the fish.

she keeps on screaming that people who walk by look at her.
and shouts FISH FISH FISH !!

2nd stop
Kids play in Glorrietta
i forgot the name eh.


  the price is a bit pricey nor the place is small 
compare to Kidzoona that is really big!

after the playing and walking

3rd Stop
Giligans greenbelt 3
Eating time...

different face expression.
i love twinkle smile here.

Last stop 
AYALA Triangle Christmas Lights


Every year they show different theme.
and every year it becomes more exciting :D

annoying :D

so that was a day to remember.
to many more memories to do we stay together forever.

after going home twinkle sleep immediately
after all the kulit she did.

that a wrap!

mommy sai