Sunday, September 3, 2017

F1 Hotel Voucher

Had a Great Deal at F1 Hotel
all this experience cost only P650 ;)


We went on Weekends so we expect na madaming tao but it was not. Galing!

my happy Star

Agad Agad nag Swimming ang mga Batuta!

kuya crew even gave them a Big play Ball
so tuwang tuwa sila but maya maya nagaagawin na rin sila.
More balls kuya ;D

Our Food !
Carbonara taste good!

Spicy Nachos 

 The P220 Frapucinno !

i super like this Calamares in Black ! 

Twinkle Enjoying the tunaw na IceCream

After almost 3 hrs of swimming.
Kulubot na ang kamay nya.
sulit na sulit!

Probably next time we want to try checking in there rooms.
15 mins away from our house.
treat na rin for relaxation and Staycation
We really had a great time here