Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blogging Panda

so its been the  month of not blogging about some stuff 
and there still a lot of drafts need to be publish in my inbox

im currently a full time mom job 
and just cuddling, playing and  having the most time for my little star

but im also getting interviews and passing resume all over Ayala. haha
finger crossing to bump to my dream job and start my new career

so for now. lets just hold on and be patient 

last week my sister had a visit in Hongkong
then she had a mini stopover (GALA) in the HK Ocean Park

then she sent this photo in FB trying to envy me.
and BOOM after seeing the Photos
SUPER naiingit ako!! huhu.
i want to go there too
she also encountered the real to life PANDA!


she had twinkle a head piece panda 
and its so cute!
Look at my twinkle :)))

ang dami ko sinabi na bilhin nya na panda like ung tuwalya ng panda at kumot o kaya ung BAG!
wala walang binili para sa akin!

mommy sai

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Koshize NutriLips Mini lipstick

been away in blogs for days and here iam again with a new entry about MAKE UP!

hoshi gave this to me as a surprise
but i when he gave it to me i ask him who gave it?
he answered me "bakit sino ba magbibigay sayo nyan ? may iba pa ba ? ( is there  anyne else who will give it to you? )
natawa lang ako oo nga bat ba ganon tanong ko ?
so i thank him immediately :*

when i open it its so tiny i thought of it as a tester or something it used to find a perfect color for you.
but i realized it something new for an everyday look lippie too

what i like about it
Moisturizing it doesnt make your lips dry
Diff. of shades to choose
super handy i can bring it anywhere
smells it not too strong

staying power depends how you do.
if you eat it will lighten the color
but for staying ability i think for 4 hrs only

what i dont like is the gliterry effect 
i just dont like gliterry lipstick at all.

look how cutie!


it can be buy in SOPHIE DEALERS
so its barely rare.so when you know someone who is a sophie dealer ask it.

i love the Peaachy pink and Racy pink shades