Friday, June 27, 2014


check out ALL SM MALLS will be on Mid year sale on June 27 to July 6 2014
dont miss this
ill be roaming around sm makati HAHA.
i love SALE.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

9\100 days of happyness - magnum treat

because twinkle is still in bulacan 
got my self a treat and free time. :)

Rest days for this girls 
OOTD. (black and pink shirt)

Magnum manila is located SM AURA in taguig.
which is beside Market-market

Dine in for two

so eto na
the icecream of the month
its something called 
almond white chocolate ek-ek
i forgot hehe :D

it turn out that having a dessert first makes us more hungry haha.

im having sweet and sour Fish fillet

caldereta for rose

Rice all you can at Giligans.
haha GUTOM na GUTOM lang ee.
rose didnt know that there is this 99pesos for rice all you can in giligans
like parang mang inasal.

after chikahan
had to go home na at napakatrapik sa C5


Monday, June 23, 2014

Pangasinan rider escape

i been preparing for this gala for about a month
fix my schedule at work and
schedule for twinkle 
( we planned that she can stay at bulacan for a week because of our trip)

before the ride i went home early so i can fix our stuff we need.
it was already 12am when we went to McDonald Makati Ave.
dito magkitakita ang mga riders (haha)
had some reminder and question answered.
7 motor
12 people

then off we go by 2am.

before we got to bulacan were twinkle is having her vcation
1st fail - Benjho got flat tire
 buti nalang there are a lot of Vulcanizing shop in the main road that is 24hrs open.

on the road again
around 7am

that 3hrs straight ride made my back super aching as in i wanted to stop and rest
but buti na lang every time there was one missing behind everybody stops.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

7/100 day - miracle in cell no.7 worth to watch

have you seen this movie 
miracle in cell no. 7

its been trending in Philippines
and everyone making a status about it

its about a fathers and daughter story
you have to watch so you can feel how i it feels like you wanna cry a gallon of tears
daig pa ata ang niluha kung nanganak ako 
its so hard to breath as in
ang bigat bigat sa loob
ng mga pangyayari.

on the other side.
comedy will not be gone on Korean movies
there this 5 guys from the cell who will make you laugh also will make you proud.

a fathers love is so deeply it cant replace anything in the world.
but it comes to time that you decide from whats best and safety of your love.
i couldn't blame him because i couldn't think of anything when if ever my daughter will 
be to sacrifice and for her safety i could do anything.

this was me everytime the girl will show up 

  • Kal So-won as Ye-sung (Child) aws really a good actress i was so amaze by her skils and acts. im wondering if i could teach twinkle how to act hahah ( showbiz )

all in all it will make your eyes super MAGA. 


Friday, June 20, 2014

6\100 happy days - one fine morning

i was busy sleeping

suddenly i heard her sound of noise.
its not crying just shouting loud haha.
saying blah blah blah (baby shout)
sinong di magigising don.

and then she started

NGUSO (pouting lips) whats up with you my litlle star. :D

picture daw while watching eat bulaga.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

happy fathers day :D

hoshi and twinkle
(star for japan and little star)

how we celebrate haha 
simple KFC crave.
hate singaw (mouth sore)


4rth check up update

last check up
given PENTA 5in1
and Oral Polio Vaccine
weight- 7.2kg

but first 
OOTD twinkle

neon green dress
purple flower headband


trying out her walker

baby smile.
after we got home i gave her tempre agad and make dampidampi warm cloth on the injection

next check up will be july 18


aura date - girls power

the girls when out
audree in yellow (1&9 months old)
Mek-Mek in pink (1&3 months old)
twinkle (4months old)

twinkle bodyguards haha :)

i also saw some beauty and make up bloggers who i follow i think theirs an event that they are participating. ill wait for there post hehe.

rest day is twinkle days


Friday, June 13, 2014

5/100 happy days- i WON !

i join a contest in instagram where all you have to do is post the picture of the online shop which is a race to 2.5k follower if it reaches the required follower she will randomly select 3 winners of a watch that shes selling any kind of watch design. and luckily me i was one of three.

 package arrive 

the shipping fee is shoulder by the winner which is only 45Php. 

thank you allabouther. 

i called it panda watch (black and white theme) 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

4/100 happy days - pangpa GOOD VIBES.

since i give birth to my little star and became a responsible mom. i thought my dreams where now a past forgetting thing you know, after my little star come out all i can think about is whats best for her.

i also dream of having a family and i planned it at the age of 25 which happen early because 23 palang ako when nalaman ko im BUNTIS.
and that part when i got lost.
i couldn't think straight 
i cant focus on things 
i didn't know the responsibilities and motherhood would be this committing that i now understand that with this baby you would be so like yung mundo mo ay sa iyong anak na.

and when i find the ONE.
all my life change in a better and best way.
im loving this life changing.

theres buts and regrets sometime but when i think of it i know its all worth it.

i just love the message.
Love is all that matter <3


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Saturday, June 7, 2014

happy 4 months

 everytime we celebrate her month is also the day of my pay day so luckily we tried to celebrate it and have a little salo salo and prepare foods in our home. 

ahh time so flies and every time i look twinkle i just wanna cherish the time im spending it with her. i wanna be on her side at least every second as she grow. 

look napaka lakas na ng paa and she can stand up for long na.

know how to handle her feeding bottle 

can sit already but with handle hehe

mama and papa is off today so we decided to go to market2x also para magpa aircon its so hot kaya talaga! 

after i had an underarm wax we went to eat at pizza hot i didnt know my service charge pala don haha kaya pala ganun.. 

making agaw na with her plate

our food 

we order a meal set that cost 389Php. 

hello appetizer! i thouht it was garlic bread and when i taste it was like skyflakes no tase haha

we also eat chicken with egg rice it okay a diff. side of chicken taste but nothing beats chicken joy still hehe

happy 4 month my baby i love you forever and always 🌟❤️🐼

ang saya lang kasi pag uwi namen
nakalaba ako dahil sobrang napagod ata twinkle sa pag gala sa mall e 2 hrs syang tulog.