Monday, April 22, 2013

Puerto Galera '13

i don't have any idea that puerto galera is that beautiful
whenever i hear it i thinking of puerto prinsesa which really a different place pala hehe mybad :)
so to celebrate our 4th monthsary were else but to 1st timer in puerto galera.
a 3D & 2N in paradise

arriving at batangas port
diff. shipping line for boats

with a good weather  :D

were the last one to enter the boat so sa dulo kame which is sa unahan pala ng boat na un
which also a bad position because as the boat splash from the front all the water also splash in our face haha. d pa nakakarating wet na


first thing i want to stay in is with a pool
so after roaming from end to end of the white beach we found this only resort with pool closest to the shore

Mindoro Korea reception 
i wonder if all koreans stay in here haha. :D

after checking in
we went back to the shore to find somewhere to eat.
there so many locals offering delicious food
and other stalls are very inviting to eat at
but we end up in Residencia deGalera Bar and restaurant
because of the seafoods they offer

after lunch we had back to hotel to have some pahinga muna time
because of the tired eyes we had we need to recharge for the trekking at the ANINUAN FALLS by 3pm

sleep mode naman sfter lunch FULL na ee

and it was 4pm when we wake up so hurriedly we fix the things and our self because there will be an hour of trek before you reach the falls so we walk outside the beach were the tricycle our available.

the tricycle drop us at the starting point of the trek
were there are locals and even children offering to come with you as a tour guide
but we hesitate and just go on our own. i think as i remember they were ranging around 150-300php.

with an hour trek we encounter a litlle snake and it was scary.  you'll never know 
whats gonna come out from no where haha
but you'll love the scenic view 

just follow the line of foot steps mark haha!
there an entrance of 20php once you reach a little tindahan

arrive and survive


the water is so fresh ,cold, green and CLEAN 

enjoying herself <3

going back to the white beach the sun is alredy setting dark.
so after a bath to re freshen up we went back to the beach to have dinner and see the night life of puerto galera.

OOOH hello CROWD of PEOPLE of puerto galera

there are lot of bars open by night. there are baklas(gay) entertaining and offering there signature drinks the tanduay Mindoro sling 
on the other side or some end of the beach is were there are resto who are on band performing naman.

but first have to eat dinner na

forever pork sisig. 
we dont like it so we take it out nalang.

we went the other bars nalang
and hiyas bar is a popular bar because of their badings performers.

puerto galera signature drink
and you got to try this

amazing fire dancer i mean i was really WOW !! how the fire dancing moves.
you can get picture of them and with a donation of any amount. i had a video haha!

puerto galera fire dancers amazing fire dancers


early morning walk from the end of the white beach

madaming tao kasi eto lang ung may silong haha

after having lunch
natulog muna kame  para may energy
ng hapon for activities

long walk in the shore

by 4pm late na naman nagising

kayak activity
sakto to kasi dalawa lang kame
gusto sana namen i try ung banana boat
pero next time nalang 

my paddle boy!

after an hour
picture taking na lang sa shore
then merienda
you will never be hungry in this island
foods are all over the shore

mango shake for me and halo halo for him.

but then we saw a group of people going somewhere at the end of the shore
un pala ung rock climbing don

already making its sunset beautiful view i would take hours just seating here and with a view like this

thats the rock i mean BIG ROCKS that youll have to pass
they said that locals also pass it this rock to go to the other  side oif the beach which i forgot the name. hehe

Puerto galera Beautiful Sunset
and hello crowd of people

the time of our boat departure is 0930
we wake up at 7am eat breakfast

then went to shop for the pasalubong

there are lot of pasalubong you can choose
mostly keychain, T- shirt ang bags..

dreamcather Heaven

some vendor approach us and sell this bracelet for P15.


i love puerto galera and will be back here
with my family and friends


goodbye paradise until my next visit
dont change ok.
stay your beautiful nature clear blue water!