Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ride to the SOUTH ( lucban laguna lucena )

apparently before our ride something happen ;(and im not comfortably to tell it.
at least i overcome it an hour before and during this times

that moment it breaks me down :(
im still on the positive outlook why im still doing this S*** (sorry)
i not selfish to take away something just like that but it doesn't also means ill be silent of how i feel.

you get hurt so what ?!
its really crazy and lost moment 
i don't ever wanna feel!

MOVING ON ! we have to MOVE ON ! ok

ill conclude Lucena by passing by because of our wrong turn route
yes nakarating kame ng lucena just by passing by to get to kamay ni hesus
imagine going around the long way
which also made the ride longer
instead of 2-3hrs ride it took us 4-5hrs

the Lucban ride was the first ride of the year 2015.
compost of my former officemate but his officemate haha

this is so far the most riders whose joining the ride
a total of 21.

the lucbam troops Rider

our destination is 
first is KAMAY ni HESUS
then find a place to stay or eat.
and the best on the trip was going to 
majayjay falls
its so worth it :)

ALL photos taken by my iphone :)
NO edit for this

we took of manila around 0430am

pass by this huge motorcycle store!
i say HUGE i think there are 100-150 motor

Stop over at Jolibee SARIAYA

the road going to lucban needs improvement
thats why we keep on seeing sign saying
i think its better to repair the road than
putting every 1km of the sign "slow down "

Entering LUCBAN

reach KAMAY NI HESUS by 0930am

what a VIEW !!

trying to JUMP SHOT - FAILED.

by 1100am we went off to find a place to eat and go to majayjay falls


we only made paluto and its was the best!

before you can see the falls you have to walk 10-15 mins

along the way

you'll be greeted by
beautiful NATURE view
just see for your self.

almost there


this is AMAZING !

look how beautiful it is
i keep saying beautiful
because it my heart is so really amazed!
im so thankful i been here and saw this.

and you should not miss swimming and having a dip in the water
its so freaking cold

see you next time majayjay falls

im totally sure i want to go back
its so beautiful i wish people take good care of this beautiful nature creation.

and also the people who come to visit
always clean your the place when you leave
and do not leave your trash there 

another experience/memories i would treasure.