Friday, February 27, 2015

Pasig River Ferry Boat

last wednesday we had a short trip to divisoria
via Pasig river Ferry

and because it was also The People Power Revolution (also known as the EDSA Revolution, thePhilippine Revolution of 1986
Edsa was close in some parts of the roads

and then BOOM TRAFFIC all over 

ang daming galit sa facebook.
kung normal days na may pasok trapik na
e ano pa kaya kung may pasok tapos isasara pa ang EDSA.
edi WOW! 

so we decided to take another route
first time ko e kaya Push naten to.

i leave the house exactly 0930am
and it took 30 mins to reach guadalupe which is dati 5-10mins lang i was in guadalupe na
so when i saw the ferry station is open i inquire inside

and un na nga
the boat will leave at 1030am 
so my time pa 
because i waited for my friend pa.

guadalupe - escolta


Our stop over - escolta
yes the boat looks like a jeep 

the ride took us 1 hour
the Experience
the major issue about the ferry is the River right?
because of the muddy smell and dirty river.
but the ride is smooth and no traffic(of course)
we encounter some of the smelly not so friendly poisonous wind
but i say it was a good choice to experince this.
we didnt mind the smell because where busy making chikahan.
the view was ok. no such thing special

except for the Malacanang Palace
(which we take a picture but it was blurred so i will not post it anyway)

im still hoping for a change in the pasig river its never to late.
so people along pasig river. Dont throw your garbage waste in the river!
i thank you!

PS. this is my 100th post yey me!
lets celebrate for my 100th post 
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

IPL Underarm - Metrodeal

Last Monday i was able to make up my mind to do an IPL session
i was hesitant first because this will be my first time I've been through waxing and plucking for the past years. 2nd is i got it from metrodeal with a promo so expect for what you pay.

we also try their figaro promo!

As i was searching for a trusted and convenient clinics and prefer if is not to far or should be close from work and home. i came across to see a Micara Skin and Aesthetic Clinic which is in Makati. Perfect! a few meters from my office.

i already search on what to expect and not to do when you do an IPL.

so i was GO for the deal moment.
i call their indicated number in the voucher for a reservation.

#Ootd #helmetpamore

The Location 
2nd floor Crown tower, condominuim Dela costa Salcedo Village
in case you need help 
google map never fail me.

Now for the Experience.
as i look for their clinic in 2nd floor its quiet inside and walang buhay color wall they have.
an attendant greeted me and ask if i had an appointment
ask question and sign a waiver.
she then ask me to enter a room and take off my shirt
she was very kind ( sorry i dont get her name) asking some question 
while she prepare the procedure
she first shave my arm then put a cold gel to my underarm
she gave me a sunglasses thing color black to protect my eyes.
then she warn me that she will start the shots 
she took 10 shot in my right arm and 11 shot in my left arm.
i dont know what to expect about how painful it is but im glad it was so PAINLESS!
i didnt felt anything i just saw a red light as she take a every shot.

it was so fast i think it take 5-10 minute and were DONE.

after the Session 
i also expect she will sell some product to me for my underarm but happy me
she didn't. She offer me to do 10 session with them every 2 weeks with the SAME PRICE!
 P1000 for 10 session 
i made a scheduled again if ever i think to continue this then 
im Off.

im happy for their service 
ill update you on the effectiveness of the IPL

after the IPL 

im thinking of continuing my session until my hair is gone 
but lets wait and see for updates

UPDATE (March1,2015)
i was amaze my hair was few and some pores dont have hair.
when i tried to pull out the grow hair is take off easily!
i tried to pluck it (i know you should not pluck it) becuse i dont have a shaver.
i think i will continue my session of IPL and see more result.
also i got my figaro 20 oz. caramel chip :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cabalen Glorietta

Unplanned eat together with my friends
it supposed to be a movie date that after our convo to convo
ended up to Cabalen.
i just got drag and Bahala na saying
the first time i ate at cabalen was free so i didnt hesitate na
libre na tatanggi pa ba ?! 

for P298
you got to eat Unlimited
drinks not included ( so we ordered water!)


fried kangkong is the best specially dip in there tartar sauce

Dessert Station 

 Salad Station 

First Plate

2nd Plate


Cabalen has no time limit
so you can stay for the whole day ( chos! )

FOOD TASTE - i got full but i was not satisfied with the variety of food. i was munching the tocino and fried kangkong. the kare kare also lack the filipino taste of it. also i wish they had fruits at least one. 

our bill also is 333 each because of 12% VAT.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pre-birthday Photoshoot


compilation of his 1st bday photoshoot
Photograph by - MommyMe
Basic Edited photos 
Venue - Makati Park and Garden

Dress - flower - gift
Panda Onesies - BugsandKelly
DIY tutu Skirt

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for Inquiries :))