Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kidzoona : Waltermart Makati

my 20 months old baby twinkle is having her happy time again.

thankful that i come across mommy Rackel post.
i never knew that the Waltermart in Makati is really big or like a mall
i thought it was just a grocery store.

so to my surprise that it has also a kidzoona.

im really looking for a playhouse for twinkle ( since that time we went to Action Station in Market, i saw how happy she was )
i was planning to go to Kidsville in Sm aura or
Active Fun in High street which is all expensive 

so i was really happy when i saw the post
and immediately after work i bought twinkle and my sister with her daughter to go to kidzoona.

1 Hour - 200 Ph
2 Hours - 300 Ph
3 Hours - 400 Ph

We buy the 2hrs session

upon entry we were given are designated locker numbers

And as soon as i take off twinkle shoes
she started running all over the place.

 For Guardian and parents to sit and free Wifi!


after she is finish in the Swimming pool of balls

we went to explore the whole place.

 D ko mapigilan sa pagtakbo ni ayaw magpahinga 


and then she found a new friend

Nakakatuwa lang ..
when i was watching them
the liitle girl keep on asking twinkle what flavor of ice cream she wants
si twinkle naman sagot ng sagot den kahit chinesse ang salita :D

F na F nila 

when our time is up.
we were called in there announcement speaker

good thing i didnt had hard time taking away twinkle from the playground 
because i keep on saying we will eat at jobi ( Jolibee )
that Jobi wants to see her na. 

All in we will be back here for sure :D

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