Thursday, March 6, 2014

Birthing experience

so many has been asking how it went on my birth delivery.
as i remember that feeling of excitement and fear that day.

i was already on leave by jan. 29, 2014 so start na to.
so on this day on i know i would be shouting " manganganak n ako".

feb. 3 when my niece had her 7th bday celebration. it was tiring and we had to do so much for the preparation. but nothing hurt that day i know my limitation that i stop when i im tired and i just became the photographer na lang.

feb 5 was my check up at the ospital ng makati so they monitor my baby constraction and said im already having constraction but in a minimal pain which i dont feel at all. and iam 1cm dilated. before that they prescribe me to drink everprime rose and buscopan which i didnt all i do is walk and walk. so after going home my OB notify me about all the signs that if ever ill be giving birth.
at 12pm we eat at KFC and had a foot spa. (no massage for me) haha

feb. 6
6am i was already awake but i did not get up. nkahiga lang tlga ako
7am my hubby is awake because hes going to work by 9am.
so i started getting up and making some little exercise haha!
by the time i stand up i felt something weird which unusual because i never felt it before.
but i ignored it and ever went on a walk to the bakery.

0830 i told my mama i was feeling something and when i try to observe there's an interval of 15mins thinking it is constraction.

so i went on a bath haha thinking that this would be my last bath i lasted for 30mins lang naman. and then eat my super meal had rice with egg and bread.

by 10am i told my mama na meron na tlga ma. kakaiba na
so we went to osmak na nag jeep pa kame then walk to the ospital and the feeling was really weird i thought i cannot walk anymore but tiniis ko pra sure na sure na ito na.

so 1030 where already at the ER OB
my OB was surprise seeing me "kakakita lang daw namin bka nagjojoke ako"

so she said to wait while they were preparing something and that time when it all start
every 2min i feel the constraction and getting worst i wanted to cry i wanted it to end ahhh! ANG SAKIT TLGA !! tapos ayaw pa nila ko pahigain,
i was thinking of laying on the floor na  because i thought i could not take it na talaga ! iba na tlga ung sakit nya.

1115 then tinawag na ko. first thing pinahubad na cloths ko pang ibaba and then everytime it hurts i shout to my mama it was really painful then at a moment that i really shout loud my water bag broke. and there goes the strong and painful contractions begin.

I wanted to jump but i cant i wanted to stand up but my legs are shaking then an intern Ob check and said i was 8cm already that time they insert the IV and something in my hand. they rush me quickly to the delivery room which is in the 2nd floor so i had to take the elevator pa.

at the door of the delivery room  they changed my cloth to hospital gown and arranged everything when i was wheeled to the spot were il be having my operation i can see everything.

one nurse said " ooh ayan na ung ULO and me all i do is PUSH !! as in PUSH lang ako ng PUSH ung feeling na ang sakit at gusto mo talaga i push. i have to be good at pushing so i will deliver normal.

i was thinking of "OHMYGAD eto na tlga" iniisip ko lang tlga mailabas si baby ng maayos.
as i remember naka 8 or 9 na push when

suddenly BOOM.

baby out 0130pm

felt a big baby came out. hahaha succes  i was really happy of that feeling. Kakaiba eeh :P
then they put her in my chest i really want to hug my baby right that time that something pulling me and again this was another most painful. getting stitch i want to kick my ob so he cant stop doin it. because i cannot concentrate on my baby anymore because of wwhat she doin.
sabi pa sakin "mommy hawakan mo yan anak mo mahulog yan"
at that point oo parang nawala sa isip ko that ung baby ko nasa chest ko pala haha. i was moving all around wala n sa pwesto ung anak ko hehe.
i even said that "tama na po ayoko na".

when the first time i saw my baby.
hala ito na sya ung nasa tiyan ko ung grabe manipa.
the hospital policy is when the baby is born is should be on the mother side 24 hrs so she was put beside me. and got wheeled to the recovery room.

by 0430 we were wheeled again to our room
what i didn't expect was seeing my hubby already because i thought hes at work.
mama is also there.

this is just a short story or should i say the beggining of our story
Kathness Everdeen Deguerto Perez born Feb. 6, 2014
about the name well i guess another topic for that hehe