Tuesday, September 30, 2014

14/100 day of happiness - playing with the cat

this was sent to me while im at work.
how i wish i was the one who is playing and watching her.
but we all have are on reason why we make decision like this
and im working because of her and our family.
this is a least i can do for now to get ready for her future.
we all think and do that.
but balancing time will always do the best.
i would do everything so she would never feel unloved
because forever you will be loved, twinkle.

enjoying while playing with the cat, wait the CAT !
okay, just don't touch it!

Mommy Sai

Monday, September 29, 2014


im so busy this month because of
sorry but heres a good monday vibes :)

everyday i always wonder. the "what if's" in my life
but i always end up saying
im so blessed!

even im not lucky at all 
i know im so really blessed with all the things and love in the world

i have a wonderful family
who say bad thing on bad days sempre
but never ever will leave me

i have friends who are always on my back 
in good times and bad times!

a loving husband who makes me angry but always love me
and i have my little star twinkle who always inspires me.

always realized the little things 
and appreciate the little do's
because it give back BIG
you'll never expect.

Always be Happy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

to attend Blogapalooza 2014

i got an email about blogapalooza was rescheduled which is late ko na naread but luckily thank god haha. because when Sept 20 came i was with my friends bday that i forgot about the event. and because of the typhoon mario the day before the event no one remind me which also i did not check my mails.

Please be informed that Blogapalooza is scheduled to push through on October 11, Saturday at SMX SM AURA.

this is my first time to attend and i dont know what to expect. i just started my blog and wanted to be dedicated on doing it. but sometimes busy times come. Working mom you know.

then na cofused pa ko on finding my blog name. HAHA.

only people who blogs are invited on the event. and not recommended to bring a child. hmmm.. 
  you can find here the list of people who going and good to go! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week without twinkle

day 1 -10
and because twinkle is on vacation in Bulacan 
and i had the time in my life. (feeling single in those days)
and just do whatever we want 
going home late night
drinking alcohols
going out and in the the house
and having an 8 hours sleep STRAIGHT

but im not complaining so don't misunderstand this.
i just want to write what we did that times.

watch Basketball and chikahan!

Lyca's birthday celebration

fist time we drink in our room but funny thing we didn't even finished one bottle so sleepy already

Go to the mall to eat LUGAW !

had my toothextraction! YAY !

had pampering nights before sleeps

and then my sister in law posted this on FB !!
huhu im miss my little star!

playing with his Kuya azir (cousin)

but between thos days we went to bulacan and drove to Angat dam. click for the post!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ride to Angat dam Bulacan

in the road.

we really went to bulacan for twinkle
because shes on a vacation with her grandparents.

but a little miss on the road and off we go
to Angat dam

Photos overload!

green vs sky and clouds

so this HUGE Factory in the middle of the green fields

i thought from a far this was papa Jesus, WRONG!

we couldn't pass on the first gate so we ended up in angat lake! hehe

you see that bridge thats where we are before.

and we feel that the clouds change like its going to rain
we went off 
and go home to manila.

just a little ride.
hey, NATURE LOVER here
so its was all worth it :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ohmy! 7th month old twinkle

time flies so that fast ah!
still could bear in my mind 
that my little starc can now
-manage to sit on her own without trembling
-eat like a piggy HAHA.
-almost can stand on the crib
-so maharot 
-would spank me early in the morning when she wakes and wants to wake me up too
-always excited when she sees me making milk
-always always nanabunot!
-smiles whenever people call her name 
-tuwang tuwa sa tatay nya
-get bored easily with her toys 
-always wants outside haha

my little star 

mommy sai <3

Saturday, September 13, 2014

13/100 happiness - date date muna

before she went on vacation on bulacan to her lola and lolo's for awhile
we went to glorietta muna

heres #Ootd #twinkle

she looks 1year old na :)

enjoying her first ride 

and knows how to drive it na haha.
she dont want to let go of the wheel

we tried to look for a panda but unfortunately
sa market market lang available ata un.

by 1pm we went home na because the clouds are whispering rain.

ninang annaville who acompanied us thanks <3

be good in bulacan twinkle 
eat eat eat and sleep.

mommy sai