Saturday, December 27, 2014

1st week of December ( twinkle kulit )

time flies in the most amazing day when you don't even know how it happen.
and my baby twinkle is now showing a lot growing chapter of her life.

and im glad im able to watch and be part of it :)


Happy Opening the box of Ferrero i got from our company Christmas party.

attended my friend son first birthday
KD. :)

look how joyfull twinkle seeing the mascot
sempre with the birthday Boy, KD

we got this in divisoria 
this is only for toy and fun
i know this is not safe or BPA free.

and she keeps doing this.

her new learning exhibition

FACT or FALSE : we all know the beliefs when a baby does this She wanted a siblings
but hello its 21st century and new generation dont believe in this anymore hahah.
im not ready yet for another baby. :) so ill just focus on twinkle first 

wake up in the middle of the night and DO THIS!
my cute wanna squeeze you little star baby

she love this minion so much she sleep beside holding this.

so fast from growing baby :/

mommy sai :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

what Santa got for us on Christmas Eve!

as twinkle grow up i want her to believe in santa as i do.
when i was a child i write letter on santa on what i want on christmas 

little did i know that the pretending santa and the one that is reading my letter was 
my loving father.
kaya pala lagi tama ung regalo pag humihiling ako.

and they told me that all fathers is in friendship with Santa that why they know.

and what i see twinkle will be spoiled by Hoshi.

look what he santa got us.
haha IPAD MINI 2

thanks my hoshi

Sairiel <3

Friday, December 19, 2014

im 24 ! thoughts and thanks

Some facts about me. :)

after 24 years of existing and after being a mother

i still love MILEY CYRUS (from all whats happening to her)
i still listen to kpop songs 0.0 (PROUD!)
i still dream of being a Professional Photographer ( i guess someday)
i still do my finger mannerism ( only people who know me personal will understand hehe)
i love divisoria
its not that im slow your just MAGULO haha yes im slow!
i have an art gallery that i draw when i was in highchool


from my Trinko family
at the office surprise me with a greeting cake :)

Thank you <3

i know some mommy can relate on me on these one!

and because of our baguio trip twinkle needs to be send to bulacan also so she can have vacation in her lolo at lola other side. and just by a day without twinkle im missing her so much. 


Ride on our motorcycle and went to baguio!
here are some highlights from our trip.
Click here on the full story.


we went down from baguio 6am in the morning and celebrate again with my twinkle in bulacan by 11am

then after a few mins of sleep
we went back to manila by 2pm-5pm

we had a dinner reservation at Viking Sm north but because of heavy super traffic 
well here the full story VIKINGs at 24

Celebrating my bday at Vikings is Worth the food! i got to eat the food i want and no one will stop me.


my birthday celebration would'nt be complete with my Girls
thankful they still made time for me.
this are my treasured friends that i know until we get old we never leave each other side.

Courtesy of MAYAMANG raqulee :)

aww. one is missing out because of work (sorry jen next year nalang bawi ka!)

but i will sure not forget my FAMILY!

and because Papa also celebrate his birth last Nov.19 its a double celebration.
we had dinner at Max restaurant and then watch the Christmas light in Ayala Triangle
with all the makukulits


another Memorable year for me.
i thank all the people who greeted me in FaceBook
and the people personally celebrate with me.
and for our only Papa God who never let me go.

i just remember one thing if your husband doesn't greet you personally while his with you the whole day ? i dont know what was he thinking.
i guess act was the way he say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

so im moving on letting go Holding on to Tomorrow I've always got the memories while Im Finding out who I'm gonna be we might be apart  but i hope you always know You'll be with me wherever go Wherever i go


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Divisoria for Christmas Gifts

and once again into our favorite dating place :) chos.
shopping time before christmas

and because Christmas time is the time for giving love and sharing your blessing.
and saying thank you to the all the people that never leaves you
and time for all the kids to be happy and put smile on their faces.

when i was a kid i had only one ninong
i never meet the others haha.

so ninong and ninang have you already did christmas shopping ??
because i did!

this is so cool! 
when you start the car it will sound like a real car!

this is AMAZING (frozen)

Gusto ko ung PANDA na BIKE !!
ill come back for you
when twinkle became 2yrs Old

there so many toys 
from 10pesos up are good finds

so better prepared yourself from so many choices.

none other than my Divisoria Partner HOSHI

can you spot Husband being a Good Samaritan.

TIPS when going to Dividoria and while in Divisoria

- Always Always Haggle! hey thats the reason why are you shopping in divi is because you can get much cheaper things with the same item you buy on the malls

-  DONT DO DRESS TO IMPRESS there! tshirt and pants/shorts will do!

- be prepared for the battle from the TRAFFIC 
and i think from makati to divi it will take 2 hrs just going to the place

- WATCH OUT for the Snatchers, Manloloko, ipit sukli, and so many gangs!

- your MONEY ! just bring the exact amount you think you can buy the thing you wanted.

- GO AROUND from every corner inside the 168, 999, lucky china town mall
because you'll see interesting finds REALLY!

keep your eyes wide open.

so there i guess the others will be on your common sense! :)

lastly i think 999 mall has much better offers than 168 now.
but the foodcourt in 168 is much better in 999 

happy shopping in divisoria

im so ready for you Christmas 
happy to share all the blessing :)