Monday, November 20, 2017

Halloween 2017

Last year twinkle didn't participate in any Halloween events due to mommy is working.
Buti na lang Restday ni Mommy this year!
so Gorabels tayo sa mga candy!

First Event
at my Work. may pa Trick or treat ang office! 
sempre everybody is excited we got to bring little Bulilits.



WOW! ewan ko na lang kung di pa sya magsawa sa candy!

Twinkle participating in some of the games.

Bigayan naaaa!


Umuwing Masaya!

2nd event
Cembo Trick or treat

Bloggers Pose

Be prepared for the Photos to be showed!

Even Darna was shocked!

Well thats SCARY
Effort kung EFFORT mga BES!

nagtaka ako Magkano ba ang prize ?
P3000! 3k pala! pwede na hati hati!

next year pag iisipan ko ung costume ni twinkle
ung Efoortless pero mgugulat lahat! chos! hahaha!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Finally! Sea of Clouds in Martessem

Last year Aug 2016 We went to Martessem to see the magnificent Sea of clouds
But unfortunately it was not given to us but it became our favorite morning escape in the city
Panis! tambayan pag gusto mag kape.

and Finally after 5x of coming in Martessem We finally witnessed the sea of Clouds.
and im so happy ! hehe

We took off at our house around 6am

Road to Marilaque

Arrived 0712 AM

OMG !! ayan na sya!
cant contain my excitement nun papalapit kami!


Clouds usually comes out around 7-10 am depends on the weather.

When we arrived may dalawang grupo na ang nauna samin Aga nila!


i can sit here all day!
parang baguio feels na ang sarap kumain ng UBE!



i think price is affordable naman for the view, the place and the staff!
taste is also good and di ung lasang kanto lang hehe

Breakfast with the Clouds is LOVE <3

My happy Face :D

They also accomodates overnight or day tour rates
may Swimming pool but tingin ko di ko maeenjoy ung swimming sa sobrang lamig.

Thank you Martessem!
See you again soooon :D

Sunday, September 3, 2017

F1 Hotel Voucher

Had a Great Deal at F1 Hotel
all this experience cost only P650 ;)


We went on Weekends so we expect na madaming tao but it was not. Galing!

my happy Star

Agad Agad nag Swimming ang mga Batuta!

kuya crew even gave them a Big play Ball
so tuwang tuwa sila but maya maya nagaagawin na rin sila.
More balls kuya ;D

Our Food !
Carbonara taste good!

Spicy Nachos 

 The P220 Frapucinno !

i super like this Calamares in Black ! 

Twinkle Enjoying the tunaw na IceCream

After almost 3 hrs of swimming.
Kulubot na ang kamay nya.
sulit na sulit!

Probably next time we want to try checking in there rooms.
15 mins away from our house.
treat na rin for relaxation and Staycation
We really had a great time here