Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Guimaras Day tour

1st on the itinerary
The Island of Guimaras 

so before our trip
something tragic happens in Guimaras that saddens everyone.
wala naman may gusto sa nangyari.

We already booked a Day tour on our first day.
and if your looking for a committed TOUR GUIDE
i recommend Sir Stephen
and mostly sa family nila is tour guides
He advice us to go to Lapuz port
kasi tinigil daw pala ung operation for the bangkas.
so only roro's is the way to go to guimaras

which is narealized ko ang hassle and wasted our time.

we almost waited 3hours!
waiting for the boat, loading of vehicles, and the pasahero pa. 
pero kung bangka lang it would only take 30 mins 
andon ka na sa guimaras.

But it a good day to be ruined.
so off we go! 

we met kuya stephen uncle's
he was our tricycle tour guide
so bad i forgot his name. hehe

10am - start of day tour

1st stop Man-made forest

tabi tabi po 
nakakatakot sa katahimikan :D

Smallest Plaza

viewdec in Lawi bay

Guisi Lighthouse

Alubihod Beach

by 12noon 
we said we want to go back na
roro's going to iloilo is limited and nag cucut off na daw sa haba ng pila.

but first lunch at the famous Pitstop



Capitol landmark

dahil exhausted tru all the transportation travel
di na kami naka pagdrone so walang shots 
but i was happy we did not skip this day.

Total Expense for 3 pax
roro - P30
Daytour - P1200
Lunch - P800
Fastcraft back to iloilo - P210

definitely when we come back 
mag overnight stay na kame.
looking forward sa magagandang Beach

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Lakawon Island Day tour

 Day 2 for our BIG trip
Wake up around 0330am.
fix our things 
and off we go.
4am- rode a jeep going to Ceres Terminal
always better to ask if your in doubt with directions.
0430am - Bus to LAKAWON

bus drop off at this terminal

tricycle fare P150!
just say lakawon.

0630am- reached Lakawon port
registration and payment for your day tour.
they will give a Card for all the transaction na gagawin mo sa Island.

Exaclty 7am dumating and boat namin.


there are only few people when we got there.

my own lakawon bridge shot!

while annoyingCouple is having a pictorial
ang Twinkle ay Enjoy nman sa dagat namumulot ng seaweeds .

the Bath room are HUGE.
and madaming cubicle.
so prepared sila sa dami ng tao.
separate ang shower and Cr.

by 10am they started the boat going to Tawhai floating bar.
mas maganda mauna para wala pang tao
and makapag aura na!

Enjoy na Enjoy naman kami diba ?
i feel so relax and parang chill lang talaga
it was a perfect weather and day

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The B-I-G Trip + roxas seafoods

The BIG trip finally happened!
for almost 6 months of research and study about our itinerary
Share ko na ang most happy 2019 trip namin sa
with side trip in Roxas City

with the most must try food and places na den yan.
This itinerary is priority to twinkle kasi mahirap pag di na kinaya ung byahe
baka magkasakit lalo di masunod ang iti.

so best places lang ang included which i choose ung talagang gusto naming puntahan from the first place kung bakit iloilo ang kinuha namin na Vacation for 2019.

and Mostly masaya kasi nasunod ung ginawa kong itinerary.

1st Day
0415am- Depart from Manila

0510am- Arrive in Iloilo Airport

We went Straight to the Van transport post
madaming mag approach sayo pag labas ng airport so stay focus.
Van to SM iloilo (50)

Our first would be a day tour in Guimaras
but due to the recent accident about boat transfer.
 only roro's and fast craft are all best way to get to Guimaras.

by 0730am nasa Lapuz port na kami and 0930 na kami nagdepart from the port.
naisip namin mag backout na sa Guimaras due to long wait.
But yes tinuloy pa den nmin so

10am - 2pm - GUIMARAS DAY TOUR

we went back to Iloilo then on to Bacolod fast craft by 5pm

6pm - arrived in BACOLOD PORT with the beautiful Sunset

I booked tru Airbnb for our 2 days accomodation in Bacolod
which is the best thing i did after searching and searching for an affordable but child friendly home we can stay. There are hotels and inns everywhere.
but AIRBNB accomodation is super over the expectation.
Ang ganda talaga. twinkle even said doon nalang daw kami magstay. haha
sharing it in the next few days :)

so after that exhausting day 1 imagine our tired feet
but nevertheless its now or never.
so make it memorable one.

After settling our things
we went out for dinner.
Gutom na kami and we are looking forward na agad for the Seafoods and Chicken inasal .

Imay's Restaurant
Steamed TALABA (120 per order)

Ang Saya nun tatay!
Masarap at ANG MURA! i think wala pang 500 ung order namin. with 2 orders of Talaba pa.
So sulit and maganda ung place malaki.


4am- Wake up and prepare for our 2nd day

The LAKAWON ISLAND adventure
Click HERE! :D

3pm- bacolod city proper

Pahinga for few hours then off we go to The Ruins
Sakay ng Jeep and then tricycle (50pesos)

0530pm - Arrive in The Ruins
Entrance fee is 150 Pesos

Best time to go daw ung sunset time

TIP : MALAMOK better bring off lotion or any mosquito repellant if your visiting this time frame.

0730pm- Dinner at FAMOUS MANOKAN.


6am - chilled wake up for 3rd day
Had our breakfast and bath.

8am- Off to Bacolod port

Organized ang Bacolod port and Clean.
so ok lang ung binayarang Terminal fee (P30)

1030am - Arrived in ILOILO PORT
which is also organized and cleaned plus may playroom for the kids and ung mga
massage seats which is super approved when your traveling.
oh body pain hahaha!

we didnt have any reservation and luckily
pag dating namin isang room na lang ang available.
Executive room (P950)

12noon- Off to Garin Farm

we did all our transportation DIY!
Commuters mode
from Jeepney to Van to tricycle.

0140pm- Arrived in Garin Farm


0330pm- went back to iloilo city proper

Start of Food trips and our own
Iloilo city tour.

9pm -Light off.

0300am- wake up and prepare for our
island hoping 4rth day

I already arranged our Gigantes Island Daytour
with Sir Rhette Paul 
he is very well knowned in facebook.


we finished our tour around 3pm na.
kasi nagbadya na ung ulan.
and madilim na ung langit by this time.
so better safe we all agreed to go back to the Port na.

4pm- Arrive in Solina Beach resort

Already booked this resort a month before our trip.
kasi i was really looking forward to Solina.
and it did not disappoint me!

5 star being the highest giving to their accommodating staffs.

heres our great experience with
(coming in few weeks)

11am - Check out on our last day of vacation :(

12noon- Van to Roxas City

the van ride will take 1-2 hours
yummy Little Bibingka.

0200pm - GUTOM NA.
SEAFOOD LUNCH at Baybay Beach

Nakahilera lang sa gilid ng beach ung mga Seafoods Restaurant.
sunod sunod lang.

 twinke : Daddy turuan mo ko magbukas nyan!

This our LUNCH!

Our Flight Back to Manila is 5pm.
after eating our SEAFOOD mucnh lunch. yumyum
went straight to the Airport
and i claimed this as a blessing!
before we reach the airport so ito na nga
Umulan ng bonggang bongga
we got all wet! Basa damit, bags, parang bagong ligo basa ang ulo.
hahahaha. its all good.
kasi buti kung kelan paalis na kme eh
tapos na ung mga gusto naming gawin at puntahan!
but afterwards before mag arrived ung airplane na sasakyan namin
the rain stopped na!

Enjoy and had our vacation summer 2019 something to remember.
Thank you for the good weather

THE B-I-G Trip
August 12-16, 2019

see next post :)