Sunday, March 11, 2018

Peri's INK velvet (swatch)

Peri Pera is one of the trending Lipstick/Tint from South Korea.
and now it has come to the Philippines.
You can buy it in any branch of CLUB CLIO.

Price : P450

#5 Elf light rose

super love ko sya!
i got my first peri INK from althea (online shop)

it has creamy effect
so what i do swipe ko muna sa gilid to got less kasi makapal na sya pag nilagay and makakatipid pa! haha.
it can last up to 8 hrs.
one swipe goes a long way

#5 Elf light rose ( Airy INK )
#1 Sell out Red
#6 Celeb Deep Rose
#9 love sniper red

with Flash

cleanse with Wet wipes
still visible.

i been using this since sept. last year  and now its my everyday favorite lipstick.