Saturday, February 6, 2016


lets sing along muna!

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes,

Saying ayeoh, gotta let go
I wanna celebrate and live my life,
Saying ay-oh, baby let's go
'Cause we gon' rock this club,
We gon' go all night,
We gon' light it up,
Like it's dynamite
'Cause I told you once,
Now I told you twice,
We gon' light it up,
Like it's dynamite

DYNAMITE ( Chili Cheese Stick )


20 pcs Sili ( ung pang sinigang )
1/2 Giniling na baboy

Para mawala ung anghang
Dip it to the water for an hour muna.

sorry walang maayos na kuha!
we were all PG na talk about HUNGRY!


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Changes -- ( twinkle version )

few more days and twinkle will became 2 years old.
i still cannot catch up some time with her growing and learning so fast.


so im scared na of the saying 
if there are more makulit stage than with the stage that we are now !
OMG ! like OMG!
so its more more kulit pa!

twinkle is so active and never a shy type.
sometimes when we will just walk by in the mall.
she will say " hi or Hello " to people passing through us.

and of course when there's Hi and hello
may Goodbye!

one day when twinkle is playing outside with her cousin
NADAPA! she had a big wound in her hand.
buti wala ako doon.
but when my mother is telling me what happened
she said that twinkle did'nt even cry!
masyado daw matapang.
i dont know if its good or what ?!

one thing i hate is that pag Papagalitan na si twinkle
or if we will tell her that what she did was wrong
she will yell BABABA! or BABI!
ang galing luamaban minsan may kasama pang palo.

but one thing i know also twinkle listens.
specially when she knows im mad na.

it was already 11pm and she's still watching MINIONS!
she is playing and walking in the bed.
and when i told her that if she will not lay down in her bed i will turn off the tv. ( I was so sleepy n talaga nun )
i said it two times until she lay down in her bed and make that Paawa baby face and then hug her Pigboo.
and because of my motherly soft soul inside.
Maawa na ko. Hug na kame ulit

when we go out or go to mall
di pwedeng walang balloon or else if we go around the mall he will make PABUHAT.
so matic na agad.

When it come to spoiling twinkle
Hoshi and i always ended fighting, and debating.
hoshi always give twinkle what she wants
like sa foods im not madamot or what.
but minsan i mean a lot of times twinkle waste food.
pinaglalaruan pag nagsawa na sya.
i told twinkle that if she did not want na.
she can give it to mommy.
opo naman ang sagot nya.

Twinkle is so jolly and smiley!
love you my baby!
when she learn how to smile in front of cameras
it will be all smile and singkit eyes!
like hoshi! :D
dati ang hirap pangitian nyan
but now willing na sya mag smile always.

im currently reading a lot of tips and advices about toddler growing stages.
and because she will turn 2 na
OMG terrible two!
im in a lot of work so we will be in the right path.
bare with me please.
thank you to people whose helping me a lot in motherhood.