Friday, March 27, 2015

beat the summer with mango shake

so it was lunch time
and im washing the dish 
then it felt really hot!
i thirst for a cold freezing drink

luckily we had mangoes 
so what to do with mangoes 
blend it with ice, water and milk

finish product

i had one tip
make sure the mango is ripe and sweet

haha when we taste it so MAASIM !! (ngiwi face)
failed talaga !
but we still tried to sweeten it with sugar. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vanilla Cupcake

im not a fan of cupcakes
but get to see this store full of cakes and cupcakes
so girly Girl so refreshing 
seats make you comfortable
colorful ambiance
sweet cupcakes


just looks how amazingly this chandeliers

also fulls of Quotes in walls

We order Coffee Walnut something ang haba kasi nakalimutan ko and Red Velvet

TASTE - Coffee walnut is sooooo sweet i ended drinking 3 glass of water.
red velvet was ok its so tasty everyone will like it.

twinkle enjoying and having fun time

e napagod naman ngayon
can say she wants Dede ( MILK ) while enjoying her seat 

twinkle really enjoy the place specially the beautiful so comfi seats
its so girl, colorful, floral, smells good, so frosh ,and not my thing ahaha
but its okay as long as twinkle love it.

also good for catching up with some friend or for a good chat time 
i heard someone did her 18th bday in here 

the Fort BGC, taguig city

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

fishy - Underwater shot by SJ4000-review

if you know GO PRO CAMERA
SJ4000 is another action underwater camera.

i came to know SJ4000 by a friend post
they posted a video of them enjoying the beach
i got amused of how clear their shot even in the water.

there were a lot of action cam making out this year.
from GO PRO to a clone action cam.

and i was happy i bought (from all the research i did) our own SJ4000
i know its far from the great GO PRO CAMS

but i was satisfied with this.
its cheap but quality assured.

if you want to know more about SJ4000 
theres a Group in FB
that help people about and how to use the cam.
also share photos from their SJ4000
SJ4000 Philippines User

ang ganda db? eto pala ang corals now you know !

 this was taken march 2015 when i went to boracay with my friends

all of us are not swimmer
we were all relying on our life vest
so kuya from one of our captain in the boat
offer us to video whats under our boat - the fish , corals, the life in the water


i call him 

ang daming kamay !

this is the first we use the camera under the water
and lucky its true about its waterproof case
the video lasted 15mins in the water


BOYS having their time with the fishes.

i post more photos using my SJ4000
(well i bought this us a gift to hoshi because he's been bugging me about this 
he wanted to video himself while on the motorcycle specially when were out of town for a ride)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

RandomEntry 01

on the day i come on walk down the aisle
i like to see you on the end of my walk
let go of the past and star a new beginning ..


Friday, March 13, 2015

Boracay Day 2 ( ACTIVITIES)

Continuation of our great escape to boracay

we only had 2 nights and 2 days to make the most out of it 
in the land of boracay

so after the ma hangover sa ingay at gulo nila we
start sleeping 3am and 
everyone wake up 5am to prepare

we had our early morning walk by the shore to find a place to eat breakfast and to find our perfect guy who offer activities

along walking a lot of store are still closed
and we passed so many manong/kuyas offering us activities
until we reach kuya george the one 
who gave us the TAWAD we want

after settling with him
we eat first before we start our activities
for energy Booster

we didnt know that the walk we did is super long na
we reached station 2 na pala


we started our ACTIVITIES 
Island Hoping
ATV with bicycle 
1800 each person

but first 


we pass by d'mall

kuya George had us a free shuttle na aircon pa daw
going to the ATV area
but apparantely it took a while (siguro 30 kame nagintay sa labasan)
for the free shuttle to arrive so


what we do when nothing to do


we really had a great time with this activity
we are all nervous of trying it out but after riding it comes the excitement!
and everyone of us conquered it

there will be a tour guide as you go up in mt. luho 
panget lang di kame makapag karera
when you got to hang with the atv it gets boring that you want to have a little adventure going it to fast! adictive! haha

it took 15 mins on the road going up hill to the Mt.luho highest point


emotera kunwari

i thought i was in S. KOREA na with this

Minding their own selfies
with this view

Going back to the happy dreamland
we went off to our free activity 

THRILLS i tell you 
kaloka ang ride na ito
we were all screaming.
at first its was FUN until you realized 
pwede kang malaglag ng walang sasalo sa ibaba!

with free buhat to the i dont know what animal it is 
kuya told us that 
parang nagbubuhat lang daw ng baby
si twinkle na lang bubuhatin ko
wag na yan :)

our next activity will be Island hopping 
so were back in the station 1 for our boat but before that 
we should not missed the opportunity of having a sip to the famous 
Jona's Milkshake

we are divided in a 2 small boat

encounter the man who is selling ice cream in the middle of the ocean!
so i did buy 1 of his ice cream
nothing fancy just cold.

 gamit na gamit ung SJ4000 sa activities na to
i'll try to post another for the shots taken under the water.

unfortunalety our time got wasted travelling from end to end of the boracay beach
it was already 3pm when we ask manong captain to take us to the PUKA BEACH
and what happen next the puka beach is PRIVATE
chos ! we did a quick FHM Pictorial 



but its not over yet
i know were all exhausted for the heat and wetness were icking about.


Transfer from boat to fast boat
sana pala ito na lang ginamit namin for the island hopping

and then were UP ..
UP in the SKY !

geeez! that feeling  when your up in there.

we did catch the sunset while on the boat
 i was thinking before our trip that i want to witness the sunset via
Paraw sailing

but with this view.

i'll surely go back here in boracay with 
my little star.