Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Marugame Udon BGC

Due to long lines and Rainy days ahead
We came across to this new Japanese noodles in high street BGC

Marugame Udon
just in front of the hype TIGER MILK TEA. :D

it was 3pm na when we went there and thankfully there were no lines so we were seated den agad.
see no line of people.


Upon Entering 
you get your tray and tell the chef your order

Price is OK to its place and taste.
pwedeng balik balikan if you crave for noddles.

1 Chicken Paitan pls 

Side dishes you can add.

Condiments and others things you can put.

im so into Soups, ramen and noodles as long as its not SPICY!
Minsan kahit sobrang init sa Pinas.
Biglang ako makakaramdam na i want to eat noodles out of nowhere.

Probably one of the restaurant i can go whenever i feel the crave.
Try it out yourself :)