Friday, May 30, 2014

holding the bottle on her own :)

marunong na hawak ng dede baby ko.. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

100 day challenge.

so ill begin my 100 day challenge to everyday posting about whats happening
movies, failure, news, food trips, saying, photo, achievement, sad moment, exciting day, realization, horror, travel, baby, and many more.

this way you can know all about me. about my life. hehe.
cross finger

so what will be the prize ill think of it first
do u have any suggestion ? TIA!


ooh! i will start this by you'll see hahah

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my DIY christening invitation idea

i dont have an adobe so all of this i edit on paint

first pattern

this is the supposed to be side of black and white picture

 crop from this

then paste. 


the space will be her picture. that is not yet available were still on schedule for her pictorial 
im the photographer of course.

banapple : happy 1st anniversary Verrified Girls

so its been a year since we started to work at trinko inc. located at enterprise center ayala ave makati city

i thank this two girls because without them my trinko life is nothing haha

if foods are on topic we all agreed to what is nakakapag lihi haha
pagpagkain naglilihi agad ee
always on the go for food trips 

Verrified girl ( jen and mads )

we had are lunch in banapple after so many suggestion of where to eat,
we all agreed that its should be just a minute walk from office so either greenbelt, glorrieta basta within ayala area

haha and eventually final decision banapple in ayala triangle

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

updates about pandas

ooh how i love panda and ooh how i wish i could see one
but unfortunately they are not available in Philippines.
their habitat is with great big supplies of bamboo

and now they are being endangered again is so sad.
there are many org and foundation who help this cutey animal to be protected



3 months check up.

may 14, 2014
0830am when we arrive at the Cembo health Center.
her schedule is late for the 5-1 penta

so at the no.69 we waited like 1 hr and 30 min
she now weigh 6.7 kilo and 61.9cm in height i think ate who get her height didn't really straight her body. so i believe she something 62.1cm

i was surprise that even me will get a shot a tetanus injection (3rd time).

when its twinkle turn for the penta vaccine which is 5-1
she cry load then i think after 10 sec. it already ok.
i was holding her the whole time and i can feel how that hurts my baby ouch :(
the doc said that she will be getting fever after taking it and advive to take paratemol every 4 hr. for drops baby.

so after 5hr. she started crying really hard and loud.
its so heart breaking because you can feel the way she cry that it really hearts
we tried to rub it with warm water and somehow it relieve her.
then she started to have high temperature
at night i had to wake up every hour to check her
good thing she still sleep deep ( mahimbing ang tulog ba ) :)

by the afternoon her fever was already gone.

they say that is a sign that the vaccine is doing his work. dapat lang lagnatin ba nman anak ko! haha

so hot afternoon 34 Celsius


Sunday, May 18, 2014

twinkle face detection

this past days everytime she will sleep she doesnt know where to put his arm..

you cant see me 🙈

crying? no going to sneeze face.. 

look i have big eyes

- i know right baby haha galit kaba o gulat ? 

sobrang cute na!

lets sleep na po

sairiel 💋

Saturday, May 10, 2014

twinkle @ 3 months old

last april 30 my sister bought twinkle to the center for her follow up
he supposed to have a PENTA vaccine but unfortunately the vaccine will be available by may so a failed follow up i so we got her weight and height
she weighs 6.2 kilo and height is 62 cm. this is 11 weeks and 6 days old.

right now i still don't have her current W and H. we have a follow check up this may 14
so this May 6 we celebrate her third month
and at 2am we were all up because she has awaken by his father presence ( ang laki ng mata nya gising na gising )
kaya they play nalang haha. she so active she respond whenever we ask something
she has a video on FB that we posted and if you see it you'll be amazed haha.
she was ask so many times how many cake does she wants because its her birthday
after a few minutes he answer saying " four " in a really big sound parang boses lalaki haha we were surprised and just really happy haha what a bright princess of ours. 

statement shirt !! <3

Saturday, May 3, 2014

excited for boracay summer 2015

haha yes you read it right for 2015 pa!

isn't it amazing 
isn't it exciting 
ISN'T iT ??!!

with the opportunity of piso fare
we book immediately !
for march 3-5 2015
we got it at 1115 all in and because we use credit card which i regret because of the processing fee i should pay it with bdo instead and amke a tipid more
taeh ghurls with kanto boys.
we had are 2012 and 2103 summer getaway in batangas laiya and matangbukay
and this year 2014 was in hundred island which i was not able to come.
because i give birth my baby kathness need me :)

so whos excited ME !!
im already making plan for our itinerary!
and 10 more month to go 
arrrgghhh! cant wait hahah! 
im ready im ready (spongebob voice)

and better have my sit ups starting 
for my beach body return after giving birth 

see you soon BORACAY !

xoxo, Sairiel

laguna escaped

before this escaped we, i mean i already planned this trip as i read to some bloggers how beautiful and worth it to go at pagsanjan falls so as a person who have to experience summer heat at list once in summer year. you know the feeling that everyone in your Facebook friend keeps on uploading their summer trip to beaches and me, here working  ok lang kasama ko naman baby ko ) so i ask hoshi for a trip to laguna.

As days goes by and wait until its April 28 (because we had the same off) something happen we got into an argument that leads as both not speaking to each other. how perfect is that and until the day we had to go nothing!. so me who planned this trip and very excited confront him. after that i see myself jumping at the back of the motor yey! finally.


first is to go pansol calamba for a night swimming ( april and yen bday celebration invitation)
then early at 6am rode to pagsanjan falls

Iv Twin Private Resort
a hot spring pool with a panda theme wall ( oooohhhh! i was like PANDAAA !! ) haha