Saturday, April 18, 2015

Most beautiful Starbucks

upon our trip to kaybiang tunnel 
we had a little stop over or not
we purposely look for this 
Starbucks branch
that was said to be the most beautiful starsbuck in the philippines
read it here.

i been longing for a coffee somewhere in tagaytay
you know, that type of you just grab a 200km away coffee from your house
and lucky me to have hoshi
after i told him about this 
he agreed that we can get here somewhere around a day that were both available.
then this Tuesday finally a day off at work.
perfect timing because its pay day also.

we just had a little lost finding this
we were on the road of tagaytay nasugbu highway
we saw two branch but its not it.
and then on the road we reach the end arc of tagaytay saying "thank you for coming"
we got confused so we turn back from one of the starbucks.
what we found out
its not in tagaytay.
it situated further from Nasugbu already.
if you easily want to look for it 
say twin lake starbucks branch

the crews are really friendly.
i told them that we came here just to see if its really what it was titled for.

if i would work on a background like this! 

the view is nice
with the wide range of blue sky outside

taal volcano cannot be seen in this view

yes that a construction.
i hope they dont totally ripe off the mountains. tsk!
wrong move with this.
NO comment nalang! haha
nasa pinas ka eh.

the space is wide enough
to have your time and endure the place.
or do your chatting with friends

we had a great coffee and a crazy talk.

before i forgot i love starbucks apple fritter! 
super love!
but it seems i cannot find it anymore?

where are you my apple fritter!

Kaybiang tunnel

nasugbu Beach

it was just supposed to be a tagaytay ride that extended to kaybiang tunnel
our Route is from tagaytay we went down to nasugbu turn Right to kaybiang tunnel 
pass by ternate cavite to trece marites and then dasma to manila.

0615am start of time 

because we got lost finding the starbucks we got there by 0830am

First stop is Tagaytay-Nasugbu Starbucks
read here our experience

around 0930 we started going to nasugbu 

we pass by a pier we dont know hehe
we ask if ano ang mga Byahe from here.
kuya manong said Lubang Island is the only destintion they had here.

Abandoned Arc

that is Nasugbu Proper
then after that zigzag road
where hoshi enjoyed BENKING BENKING her motor

by 11am we reach kaybiang tunnel.

after more pictures

we headed home before the traffic begins by sundown.

oh! the road is super smooth
or my i say its beautiful 
with the view side of the beach and then the nature mountain :)
there only few like one car on the roads.

Ride safe.
and ENJOY.