Sunday, August 31, 2014

EASY as 1, 2 ,3 .. ZALORA online shop

one day when im checking my emails. i saw this email from dragonpay that said i got a free 300 certificate of zalora. a 300 pesos off any product from zalora! whoo then i immediately browse the site.

Zalora is an online shop where you can find cloths, shoes, bag, and accessories for girls and boys or should i say women and men.

after hours of cannot decide because of all the cute i want to buy things i came to this H2ocean shoe.

because im new to zalora i had to make an account and its so easy to do its also for the purpose so they know where it should be ship.

you see my bill was 89.35 only because of the 300 pesos off. so cool!

click ORDER !

i order it on friday and the next day i got a text from zalora that they will be shipping my item so expect them that day.

then by 11am

with freebies :)
thanks ZALORA.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

6th month of happiness!

hello super late post!
twinkle already turn 6 months this aug 6.

weighing 8.150 kg
thats fast! it was just like yesterday when you were so small, tiny , itsy Bitsy
cutie, litlle BEAN.

when i saw that BEAN drawing from the ultrasound
i could not think straight.
but i know i was HAPPY !
i would never regret the things happens when you came into my life.
your now my world


getting ready for her christianing kaya simple cake muna 
masarap na yummy pa :)

she grab everything and quickly put it in her mouth .

happy 6 months litlle star

mommy sai

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baby products that im loving

there a saying
try try and try until you well succeed
find the right product that your baby is comfortable with

when you start being a mom 
you became aware of all the ingredients and whats on the product you used
you read a lot
you buy different stuff

 so here a list that i satisfy you its worth it

i used this in different skin irritation
for Bungaw araw / Pricky Heat, red spot, mosquito bite, diaper rash and i swear i really works 2-3 days it will be gone.

2. TINY BUDS Rice baby Powder
as much as i want that no powder use because its bad for babies breathing or sometimes lead to asthma
i found this powder that is safe and organic. 

3.DENENES baby cologne
 i bought this at cash and carry makati for 149.
i heard so many compliments so i tried it and i love it. once i put it on twinkle (so taba that sometime she smells amoy pawis) she will smells like always fresh from bath

4. Aveeno Baby Wash
i super love this ! as in baby skin is so soft naman na talaga but with this twinkle is so moisture and really love to hold.

5. Moskishield Mosquito Patch
thumbs up with all the mosquito whenever we go out i always make sure she has sticker on it.
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6. Human Hearts Nature Bug Repellent
Organic safe and deet free 

i still have a lot more to discover 
were there will be trials and errors
but ill do everything for the best.
or that will be best for twinkle

mommy sai <3

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Binyag ni twinkle

for months ive been thinking sa baptism of twinkle 
i had so many ideas in my mind that i want to do
as in daming kong nkaita sa internet

as more i want i wanted to DIY everything haha but ended up doing nothing. argg!
we plan to do her christianing by aug. and finally sinabay n namen sa birthday ni audree

on our preparation we started buying thing needed by june palang.
siguro three time kaming bumalik sa divisoria
1st-baptism gown, some things, monopads hehe
2nd-souvenir and more monopads 
3rd-utensils and more toys 
here one of the trips in divisoria were all i mean everything you're looking for is in divisoria haha,

my only regret is if only i did the photography i would have more picture but im so busy i didnt even fix myself haha. gora lang ng gora

twinkle dresses
panda dress from SM department and gown bought in divi

sempre the church is our community parish 
St. John Mary Vianney Parish 
just a walking distance from our house

yey me to this my DIY candle handle
what i use is
the ribbon from the cupcake box we bought hehe any pink ribbon
then washi tapes bought from divi 25Php for 10pcs washi tapes

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DIY Marshmallow

i got this idea from INTERNET! bought a food coloring pen
than colorful big mallows
dont worry its still can be eaten

my tita is a cook so we ask him to do the catering hehe

Pork Asado
Fish fillet with tartar sauce
Butter Mix Vegetable
Pork Brocolli
and that malagkit na kanin made by my mother i forgot the name ee
Fried Chicken
Buko Pandan

Cake and cupcakes

own design panda and stars <3
for only Php800.
size is 6x3 pero because of the stars prang lumaki na den

Cupake tower
haha i DIY na den
the bottom is filled with variants of Brownies

sa cupcake nalugi kame haha.
dissapointing talaga
ill not tell nalang the cupcake store which i found on instagram and OLX
i order mini cupcake that is Php8 lang with no toppers na just frost lang
then on the day of meet up which is sa sta mesa pa
mali ang order!! F*** talga
buti nalang tlga iam not mataray or high blood person
they prepared regular cupcakes which is 33 pesos each ay nako 
i wanted mini cupcakes kasi nobody likes cupcakes naman sa amin for design lang talga
but paawa effect si ate and even discount nalang the cupcakes para iavail na namen
first bill is 546 to 1600 napakalaki ng difference hay nalugi talga ko don hahah!
move on !

hoshi is so excited that were the first one to arrive in the church super early haha 
the church attendant said that 10am 
well Filipino time i think we started 11-1130 na

Early Ninangs

and Ninongs

babies also played muna because so tagal talga.

twinkle even went to sleep before the mass started

dont forget Selfie!

ok be flooded with pictures inside the church :)

but first #Ootd

the mass ended 1pm
so everybody is HUNGRYNESS na!!!!

our venue
outside our house
resevre a tent in our barangay 

after change outfit 

people we love keep on coming because they have work
but i thank them because they still managed to go to a special day for us.

and to all my cousin we became the caterers in my foods haha.
and family who all help me survived this event <3

we eneded 1am na because sempre inuman pa
and hoshi LASING KA! haha 
lakas makayaya tas una babagsak :P

the next day
we open all the gift from twinkle

 it was tiring but im very happy to the result and finally

welcome to the christian world my little star 

:Kathness Everdeen D. Perez

thank you :)

mommy sai