Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Aquaria Waterpark with the Kids

Hello blogs! did i miss you! of course! hahaha
its been months na hang up na mga drafts ko
and finally new laptop! 
back to my life stories and journey again!

so more late post to be coming

a lot of kwento's but first summer getaway!
so our summer this year was held in Batangas.
3x ng Batangas ( favorite )

AQUARIA Waterpark in Calatagan Batangas

TIP - Buy your tickets in Metrodeal
makakaless ka ng 200 each.

Upon Arrival in Aquaria konti lang tao because i think its Monday when we went there.
Open time is 9am.

Di magkada Ugaga ang mga Bagets.

The place is big and madami Cottages
i think it can accomodate a Brgy. from my estimation. haha
pero swear malaki madami pang cottage banda sa dagat.

Drop our bags and sugod agad sa tubig!

The resort has Corkage fee for each person
but for us we didn't pay any.
kasi will eat lunch naman sa Restaurant nila.
just tell the staff.
 this are the baon for the Batutas any time magugutom yan maghahanap ng mangangata.

Instagramable place
Place is Clean and madaming Staff ng resort ang nag iikot.

The Momshies

The pools are wide
they have Childrens pools that are 3ft high
which is super safe.

More Cottages

the photographer :D

We had our lunch at the Sands Restaurant.

the Staff are really accomodating.
Food is Okay though.

Day tour is from 6am-6pm
and we had definitely made our time worth it.

Sunset before going Home.

Aquaria is so Children friendly resort.
one thing i love about this resort is there SHOWER ROOM!!
Ang Ganda at ang LINIS!
this is a public shower room ha.

We had an Amazing time and definitely we recommend this to
family and friends

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Dingalan Aurora The Proposal Ride

caption palang kinilig ako! hahah chos!
so its been months and now ko palang i share to 
can you guess what happen in our Dingalan trip ? :)

i requested this trip for my Birthday
yes just turned 28
Happy 28th Birthday <3

i still have a lot things on my bucket list before going 30! 
so taking it one at a time no pressure just enjoying every bit of it.

Dingalan Mountain View has been one of my bucket list.
and laging akong naiingget pag nakikita ko ung mga picture ng ibang tao.
pero sabi ko One day ill have my own photos with Dingalan.

We took off around 6pm in San Ildefonso Bulacan,
Arrive in Dingalan Port at 1010pm

Our plan was to walk and hike para tipid and early bird dapat para maabutan
namin ang sunrise habang nasa taas kami.
i came across our Tour Guide
Kuya Christian - Legit Tour guide from Dingalan

Wake up at 5am
we had our Coffee sa tabi lang ng port open na mga Kainan.

so obviously di na namin nabutan ung sunrise up in the mountains.
but malamig pa den naman.

Suddenly we had our tour dogs.
they came all the way up with us.

we walk  sa gilid ng shore as in

we walk from Dingalan port to the resort see the red line mahigit 1 hour den
 siguro yun then nun ma reach namin ung resort.
 don daw ung mga boodlefight pag kasama
sa package ung lunch.
Konting pahinga then Larga na pa HIKE!.

There are two trails for the mountain view.
First Stop 
Dingalan Lighthouse

 see accomodating ng Tour Dogs namin.


kami lang tao at that time.
after mga 30 mins we heard voices so we decided to go down then sa kabilang trail naman kami.

Pak Aura kahit Hingal na Hingal na
the Hike is Nakakahingal for me ah
a lot of times i stop para makahinga.
then after tatlong hakbang hingal na naman ako.
dito ko narealize ayoko pala umaakyat ng bundok
(bucket list ko pa naman ung Mt PULAG!)
pero kakayanin

after that Hingal Hike
all worth it just to see this Amazing view.



 so pagdating namin meron ng mga nauna grupo
i think mga 10 people cannot remember.

sabi ko Pahinga muna kasi ung pawis ko tagaktak.
and people our getting their pang instagram shot.

after few minutes
niyaya nya ko na kami na daw don sa spot na maganda kasi wala na tao.

so let the picture tell the story

He was putting me infront of him
but sabi ko paano ako makikita sa picture.

i should be here sa gilid side by side tayo.

he was holding something!

and then BOOM!

 oh by the way it was my birth day (Nov29)

I said yes!
sorry you cant see my reaction.
but i was a bit shocked and where iam? iam lost? hahaha!
i did see his reaction about to cry and laugh at the same time while asking me the question.
oo hoshi may namuong tubig sa gigilid ng mata mo! hahaha.

 thank to kuya Christian (tourGuide) for helping and making this trip memorable.
sobrang bait pa. kuya even order a cake for me when he finds out it was may bday.
pero na surprise den sya kasi di nya alam na may eksena pala.
Unfortunately We had no more time as we are going to Dipaculao after this.
but super na appreciate ko po. Thank you <3

Going extra mile!

marked this treasured day
Im Engaged.

whats efforts? when he said that when he buy this ring the box is
 so not appealing and ang panget daw hahaha.
so he made his own creativity and made this amazing made with love ring box. aww!

Now off to more motor adventure.
Next Stop watch out for coming post