Monday, September 19, 2016

What's your Toddler Vitamins ?

we always always want the best for our love ones.
right ? and also a healthy life! sempre!
since twinkle is growing up fast (biglang laki)
i want to make sure that she's getting the right Nutrients her body need.
but because i go to work di ko nasusubaybayan ang pagkain nya
andyan ung mga tita , tito, pinsan, mga pamangkin na pasaway na they give junkfood, chocolate tapos candies and many unhealthy foods.
its ok as long as di araw araw at patikim tikim lang.

Pag bata lahat isusumbo nyan
pagkain, Laruan at kung ano ano pa
and they can get germs everywhere.
Hassle pag nagkasakit!
good thing since nun nag 1 si twinkle 
Everyday she takes Vitamins na.
thankfully if she get cold di naman tumatagal.

Since Last year when we got to introduce to NUtri10 Plus Vitamins
ito na naging one of her everyday Vitamins!
di pwdeng mawala.

Before taking a bath kabisado na nya i would tell her to get her Vitamins 
kukunin na nya yan!



Nutri10 Plus Syrup will ensure your child of a healthier body and mind, greater vitality and energy, and greater resistance to disease. Every 5 mL of Nutri10 Plus Syrup contains CGF + Zinc + Taurine + Lysine + Vitamins such as A, D3, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C which help promote overall immunity, maximize physical growth & enhance brain development.

Just last week when WERTH PH send us another bundle of Nutri10plus Vitamins
ang look how Happy she was!

Thanks Nutri 10 plus she never runs out of energy!
keeps her away from Colds, and giving her a Healthy Body.

Saturday, September 10, 2016



i have still a lot of draft needs to finish and post.
thinking a lot of everything.

and i want to unwind and escape my thoughts!
etchos lang!

so bago mag EMOTE
excited lang ako ipost to kasi ang saya saya ng feeling ko dito sa place na to.

bago matapos ung August Month
sabi ko kay Hoshi dapat makapunta na kami dito!
since it was already raining hard nun mga nakaraang araw
i super Prayed to Papa Jesus na bigyan kami ng Magandang panahon.

so last Aug 25 Thursday
we took off around 0515am from Makati.

80 mph ang takbuhan

see the FOG?

we arrived 0630am to open the place :D

Martessem was newly open to public this April 2016
mainly the place is for events, retreats and stay-cation.


the Crew was very accommodating and really friendly :) and  super courteous.
as in parang mapapa Bow ka sa kind Act nila haha
lakas maka Korea db ?

feels like korea rin sya talaga
super lamig  as in nasa ulap kame.
it was so foggy when we arrived.

zero visibility pa ung background it was 0645am.

were supposed to eat outside pero biglaan tumulo ung ulan which is fog lang den pala.
pero dahil di na den namin kaya ung lamig
pumasok na lang kame sa loob :D haha


We orderd Sinigang na hipon

very presentable ang set up right ?

tamang tama ang sabaw

Rate: Infairness masarap ang Luto nila!
mag order pa sana ako ng rice pero inubos ko na lang ung sabaw :D

When we went outside nag wipe out na ng konti ung fog it was 0745am.
but it was super cold pa rin and super windy,

 PERFECT time to be VAIN na :D


and did i say SUPER HANGIN! 

that 2 hrs drive from Makati to  Martessem is so worth it.
i will be here everyday if i can that green paradise is os satisfying in my eyes.

and Halfday on Monday