Monday, November 20, 2017

Halloween 2017

Last year twinkle didn't participate in any Halloween events due to mommy is working.
Buti na lang Restday ni Mommy this year!
so Gorabels tayo sa mga candy!

First Event
at my Work. may pa Trick or treat ang office! 
sempre everybody is excited we got to bring little Bulilits.



WOW! ewan ko na lang kung di pa sya magsawa sa candy!

Twinkle participating in some of the games.

Bigayan naaaa!


Umuwing Masaya!

2nd event
Cembo Trick or treat

Bloggers Pose

Be prepared for the Photos to be showed!

Even Darna was shocked!

Well thats SCARY
Effort kung EFFORT mga BES!

nagtaka ako Magkano ba ang prize ?
P3000! 3k pala! pwede na hati hati!

next year pag iisipan ko ung costume ni twinkle
ung Efoortless pero mgugulat lahat! chos! hahaha!