Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seabreeze Resort

so my summer 2014 begin at last.
my sister and i planned a family outing this summer

so if your into a 10-30 mins drive just in the metro for a splash in the water
is a good time to spend the summer madness

at may 22 early in the morning we packed our things and foody and at 7am were on the rode. YEAH !

we got there at 0727am at look already the people

( april 2014)

they also have parking lot because the resort is inside a village 
so if your travelling commute you have to walk 5 mins or ride a tricycle

after we pay for entrance and our cottage 
kids run hilaroiusly 

who wont ??
evern if the sun is killing me
the water splash is so inviting that you want to jump right away ahah
my 3 niece change immediately and dive :)

but before that dont forget to put sunblock

Octopus pool ( 3ft) kids pool

there are 4 slide 
2 for the adult
2 for the kids

(tinakpan ako ni mama)

this is not my first time here at sea breeze
we always love going back here even its not summer.

it was FUN and ENJOYING
and happy because i can share this to my family 


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