Saturday, April 11, 2015

A quick ride to Antipolo

our supposed to be Tagaytay ride went to Antipolo ride
our plan was to visit the Antipolo Cathedral then find a place to swim or finding falls
we were thinking of Hinulugang tatak which just reopen this year.
it was fully renovated from the falls to the parks.
but after our visit to the cathedral
Plan changed.

we went to this mysterious cave
somewhere in Brgy Teresa
which was just close to the house of kuya jeff 's tita were we settle in for that day.
one of his sibling offer us to go to the cave to try it because he say there were many people got there during the holidays.

so off we went to the said cave.

 after 10-15mins of walking
we are all sweating na
ang layo pala ng entrance

after the super trail track
going down to this edgy rock

that was a sweaty walk under the sun

Entering the cave now
 the cave breeze is super cold
akala mo nasa tapat ka ng aircon
i swear the wind blowing is cold (paulit ulit)

this is the start of the cave.

kuya had ONE RULE
Bawal maligaw.

when we enter the cave
its so DARK we only had 2 gaseras and flashlight from our cellphone

the experience to this cave was totally amazing
i had enter sagada cave and caves in pangasinan
but this one is really challenging
and not for weak physical abilities, i guess also for fat people ( no offense though), heart problems and specially the one who's afraid of the dark.
along the way we had lack of lights
only the path we were walking is what we can see
and when you look around all you can see is dark and rocks ( and some trash from people )

this cave was also known the bat cave
because its field with bats roaming around
you can totally here the sound of them.

the cave was totally challenging that you have to use all your force and careful steps
i think the cave was not yet how do you call this
not properly yet for public

we had

we had a overstop when were in 3/4 of the cave
kuya had a bonfire in the middle 

kuya also said there are many camping in this part of the cave 


kuya said were almost to the end of the cave.
but the cave became more stiff and scary haha.

had to go down to this rope
which i tell you its hard
but syempre not with the boys 
END of the cave

as soon as we exit the cave
this is what welcome us
more MATIRIK na bundok mode

and look whose enjoying the view


this is kuya our tour guide
lakas kumapit sa Bato nyan!


Until next Adventure :)
keep safe

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