Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekend Trip to Cayabu

Every Weekends its automatic to my Relatives to travel to Cayabu
because my two tita have a vacation house there
it was build around 2013 when i was pregnant
and it was only last weekend sept 13 when twinkle and i go there

I've been hearing a lot about the place how peaceful and nature feel it is.
and it is exactly how i picture it.
you see there has no POWER, LIGHTS and SIGNAL.
escape from the city as they say.

wake up like this :)

early in the morning
we decided to take a deep in the cold water 
as in super cold

i think the entrance is 25 pesos

the water is coming from the mountain

twinkle and her cousin really enjoy swimming and ignored the super cold water

the weather is also cold like Baguio
sometimes the fog is low it is zero visibility

after swimming we went around to walk

at the back of the house of my tita is there own ilog.
free for everybody

and there are a lot of fruits and vegetable growing everywhere!

it was a blast staying there for a day and will definitely go back.
twinkle enjoy it so much she runs everywhere.

i wish someday i could build a vacation house like this in here.
its 2-3 hours drive from manila

byebye - our pabebe wave.

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