Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nature adventure : La Mesa Eco Park

i remember wanting to go to La mesa Eco Park so badly.
hinakot ko mga kaibigan ko 
mkapunta lang :D

Happened way back 2012 :D
i was young wild and free.

Briefing Area to discuss the rules inside the park.


A 5mins walk to reach the middle portion.


We had Tattoo session for 50pesos

i had a Star on blazing fire

the reason why i want to go here is to take a Photo walk.
i wanted to test my newly bought camera 
my GE X500
( i already sell it and now im regretting it :( )

Sample Shots

and annoying selfie :D

oh my G ! i love my camera!

La mesa Eco park have so many activities to do.


Horse riding 



and swimming also!
we didn't go to the pool because there are a lot of people.

so we start to walk around and explore the nature.

and did a lot of Pictorial also 
warning: annoying :D

i really enjoy the place because of the nature vibe feeling
and away with the city smoke and pollution.

and one day i will brought twinkle here 
so we can do photo shoots too..

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