Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week without twinkle

day 1 -10
and because twinkle is on vacation in Bulacan 
and i had the time in my life. (feeling single in those days)
and just do whatever we want 
going home late night
drinking alcohols
going out and in the the house
and having an 8 hours sleep STRAIGHT

but im not complaining so don't misunderstand this.
i just want to write what we did that times.

watch Basketball and chikahan!

Lyca's birthday celebration

fist time we drink in our room but funny thing we didn't even finished one bottle so sleepy already

Go to the mall to eat LUGAW !

had my toothextraction! YAY !

had pampering nights before sleeps

and then my sister in law posted this on FB !!
huhu im miss my little star!

playing with his Kuya azir (cousin)

but between thos days we went to bulacan and drove to Angat dam. click for the post!


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